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Echo problem in IT office

Echo problem in IT office
Echo problem in IT office
Echo problem in IT office
Echo problem in IT office
Echo problem in IT office

 The “A-Linecompany is operating in the field of IT Sequrity. The location of their new office is in Sofia, Bulgaria. When creating a pleasant work environment for their employees, the company finds a serious sound problem in two of the offices. More specifically - an extremely high levels of reverb.

A-Line identifies the problem and understands the potential danger of it interfering with the working environment in the offices. Because of that, the company turns to DECIBEL for a solution.

A request for acoustic treatment with design orientation of two office rooms has been sent. DECIBEL responds quickly and prepares an individual project for several types of ceiling and wall treatments. During the planning and preparation of the offer, several visits to the location are required in order to execute the job as quickly as possible.

The walls of the two offices are treated with 53 accoustic textile panels with dimensions of 50x50x5cm. On the ceilings, 10 pieces of horizontal buffles with dimensions 100x50cmare installed.

The whole project is managed to be planned and executed by DECIBEL in a short period of one week.

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