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Acoustic engineering
Acoustic engineering

A Project for Soundproofing
A Project for Soundproofing
A Project for Soundproofing
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Acoustic engineering

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A Project for Soundproofing

Making of a project for soundproofing is necessary when it must be predicted what exact results from the sound isolation actions will be achieved. For example, the soundproofing of a room, in which the sound is from speech with 85 dB/А level and the neighbouring room is a bedroom, in which the sound level must be under 25 dBfor the purpose of sleeping, the project calculates the losses of sound energy through the construction of the rooms and what sound isolation layers must be added for reaching this level.

The spread of the sound through the construction depends on the different physical parameters of the materials, thus the making of a project is recommended for reaching the desired effect. Important to know is that some of the most popular heat isolation materials like EPS or XPS decreases the soundproofing properties of the construction. The mass use of constructions, which create acoustical bridges, is the reason for making the calculation check up for soundproofing a recommended part from the choice of sound isolation systems.

The projects for soundproofing of rooms in residential and public buildings are done in accordance with the methodology of EN ISO 12354 -1 and 2.

For industrial soundproofing the project is a mandatory part for finding a solution for reaching the necessary sound levels. Many standards and methodologies are used for the calculation of the industrial sound isolation, depending on the specific of the problem. 

Acoustic Project

The projects in acoustics are mandatory part for determining the kind and the location of the acoustic linings in studios, concert halls, study rooms, shops, restaurants, offices.

For the purpose it is done calculations and simulations of the following parameters:

  • Reverberation time RT60 and RT30;
  • Evaluation of the clarity during speaking D50 and C50
  • Research of early and lately reflections
  • Speech transmission index STI
  • Background noise and general sound level
  • Modal and wave analysis;

In the projects are included technical details, quantifiable value calculation, 3D visualization and calculation part.

The simulations are made by specialized software according to the bulgarian, european and international regulations and standarts.

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