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Soundproofing and acoustics for hotels

Soundproofing and acoustics for hotels

The main function of the hotels is to be used by their guests for rest and relaxation. In order to achieve this, the respective hotel must meet their needs and desires. This consists of many factors such as suitable interior, quiet location, pleasant views and, of course, quiet rooms.

As facilities for temporary residence, hotels are always inhabited by different people with different lifestyles. Complaints of noise coming from the next room or echoing in open spaces, such as conference rooms and reception are common in our practice.

If the hotel is part of an international chain, then the standards for acoustics and sound insulation are usually set in the requirements of the chain. DECIBEL is a specialist in achieving the requirements with optimal space loss by applying its thin-walled sound insulation systems, as well as engineering, manufacturing and installation of high-performance silencing measures for equipment and facilities related to the needs of the hotel.

In the absence of pre-set measures, DECIBEL can determine what soundproofing and acoustic improvements need to be made in order to achieve a higher level of confidentiality, comfort and usability of the hotel's facilities.

For the past 10 years, DECIBEL has been the preferred partner on all noise issues of Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Radisson, Europe and Asia.

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