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DECIBEL products available in Moldova!

DECIBEL products available in Moldova!

MUTE SYSTEM™ is a thin point connected soundproofing system for walls and ceilings developed and refined over the years by the R&D department of DECIBEL.

As of 2019, DECIBEL entered into a partnership with a local distributor in Moldova to distribute, deliver and install MUTE Systems for the residential sector.

Full sound insulation is a professional approach that includes prescribing the most appropriate soundproofing systems. The choice is made on the basis of various factors, some of which are wall/ceiling thickness, type of building, presence of chimneys or other possible noise cavities, and many others. After the proper selection of materials, the installation is completed. The panel installation activities are as clean as possible and take place for 2 to 3 days per room.

If you are looking for soundproofing solutions in Moldova, please contact us through

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