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WavO in Park Hotel Moscow

WavO in Park Hotel Moscow
WavO in Park Hotel Moscow
WavO in Park Hotel Moscow
WavO in Park Hotel Moscow
WavO in Park Hotel Moscow
WavO in Park Hotel Moscow
WavO in Park Hotel Moscow
WavO in Park Hotel Moscow
WavO in Park Hotel Moscow

Park Hotel Moscow is located next to one of the greenest parts of Sofia - the Boris Garden. Amidst the fresh air and tranquil surroundings, the hotel provides a quiet environment for events of all kinds. 

The beginning of March and the coming of spring provides a new opportunity to revive an outdated hall that has hosted various events for years, such as dance formations, fashion shows, conferences and seminars. Namely, Europe Hall.

The DECIBEL team received an invitation to work on reviving the hall in March, launching the project, and in July the renovation begins. Many conversations and necessary tests were conducted to create the overall concept for the design and implementation of the acoustic project.

The already aged spirit of the hall for years of hospitality needed a revival. With this project, the hall begins a new phase of its existence. A new life begins.

Before the project was started, the reverberation time was measured in the hall and the client asked it to be retained after the renovation. For this purpose, a simulation model was developed, from which it became clear what is the required square footage of WavO panels for installation in the hall.

WavO panels, the VISTO 48 two-component panel and the POLYSOUND soundproofing membrane are specialized products that contribute to acoustic treatment and sound insulation in the room. The design, which holds all MDF panels on walls and columns, allows the customer to remove easily the damaged panel or completely replace it with another one if needed.

Our subcontractor Dorma provided and installed a soundproof door with movable elements of 1 meter and a sound insulation index Rw = 39dB, which prevents noise transmission between Europe Hall and Conference Hall 1 when there are coincident events.

Despite the difficultiess with the colors during the renovation of the hall, the project has been successfully completed and the Europe Hall awaits its new guests.

Check out the Gallery of the revived spirit of Europe Hall and become part of its bright future. 

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